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Creating clear and effective content for your business.

Content marketing is front and center. As consumers crave information and love to be entertained, businesses are feeling the push to create content.


Content creation and distribution are crucial yet time-consuming pieces of your larger marketing strategy. Why not bring on a freelance content writer (pick me!) to take some of that off your marketing team’s - or your own - plate?



Content Writing

High-quality content establishes your brand, educates your audience, and builds their trust. 


I write blog and thought leadership articles, social media and newsletter copy, company bios and marketing booklets. I can even do some LinkedIn ghostwriting for you. 

Editing & Proofreading

Let me dive into your draft and mark it up with suggestions for improved organization, fluency, and word choice; point out areas that could use more development or clarity; and fix grammatical errors, typos, and other formatting issues.



"I love having Amanda work with us. She takes ownership, which is just what I need. Since she’s been working with us, she has massively grown our content and following!"

Maari Casey, CEO, Uncompany

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Amanda Saber writer

Hi, I'm Amanda Saber, a freelance writer outside of Baltimore, Maryland. 


I left the high school English classroom for a home office. The hours are way better, but it's, admittedly, a bit too quiet. 

My writing superpowers are fitting the pieces of a story together seamlessly and knowing all the grammar rules (so I know when it's ok to break them).

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Educational Content
Interview-led Storytelling
Marketing Booklet

Want to see more? Just ask! 

Do we sound like the right fit?

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon!

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