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A Two-Year Anniversary

Why the date is noteworthy, even if it isn’t worth celebrating.

Exactly two years ago today, my world, like many others’, completely changed. I walked out of my school building on Friday, March 13, 2020 for what was supposed to be a two-week closure, just enough time to thoroughly clean the schools and isolate ourselves so the coronavirus could die off. I was one of the doubters, thinking it would never come to this. So I was a little surprised that I found myself doubting that it would be just a two-week disruption. However, I never thought Covid would still be front and center two years later.

Driving home on that Friday was pretty exciting, if I’m being honest. Our principal told us to take these two weeks OFF. She actually said (along the lines of), “Treat this as a vacation. Don’t do school work, don’t think about work. Enjoy the time with your family.” What?! A paid two-week vacation in the middle of third quarter (the one that always feels the longest)?! Don’t mind if I do!

My husband’s office had not yet shut down, so I spent most of those two weeks just hanging with my son at home. We went outside everyday, ate a leisurely lunch together everyday, both napped everyday. Yes, I was getting anxious about the severity of Covid and the implications for the world, but in my little bubble, life was pretty good.

Obviously, it was clear that the two-week quarantine was not going to solve the problem, and things started to look more grim. Covid is responsible for so much loss: grief over lost loved ones, decline in mental health, missed experiences. This anniversary is certainly NOT a time for celebration, but maybe we could all use a little levity. So here are my top five reasons to acknowledge today anyway.

Comfy pants, the real MVP. Minus the two and a half months I was back in the classroom, I have spent almost all hours of the last two years in jammie pants, sweat pants, leggings, or athletic shorts. It’s been glorious.

Hot lunches. I can’t say I never brought leftovers to work, but nine times out of ten, I packed a sandwich. Since I’ve been working from home, I am much more inclined to make a grilled ham and cheese sandwich or a warmed turkey wrap. Throw in the occasional scrambled eggs or bowl of soup, and I’ve really stepped up my lunch game.

Keeping up with chores. I always considered myself a talented multi-tasker and “gets things done-er,” but I’ve impressed even myself with how many small things I can accomplish in between other tasks. Five minutes until my next class starts? I can fold and put away the clean towels. Want to do some research for an article? Let me listen to a podcast while I empty the dishwasher. Need a mental break to unlock the writer’s block? Let me reorganize these baskets of toys. I’ve been able to fit house work into my day, so I rarely have to set aside time on the weekends to do it when my kids are home. For that, I am grateful.

Renewed love of running errands. When I first got my license, I happily volunteered to run out to the grocery store or Target or anywhere really and pick up / drop off whatever we needed. It was so exciting to get in the car and be off on my own. The music pumping. The windows open. The freedom. When I need to stop by the post office or pick up a gallon of milk, I get that same rush. It’s often my big outing of the week.

Unlimited bathroom trips. If any of you are teachers / former teachers, no need to elaborate on this one, am I right?

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