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What's in a Name?

Why I chose Saber Every Word.

While I’m not actually an LLC - though something I’d like to do this year - I did decide to name my freelancing business: Saber Every Word. It’s, of course, a nod to both my name and what I do, but I initially feared it was a bit cheesy. I mean, it is cheesy. But I went with it. Why?

Because I love a good pun.

I consider myself a fairly witty person with a fairly dry sense of humor, and I appreciate good wordplay. Whether it’s a perfectly executed “That’s what she said” or a silly ‘dad’ joke, a pun usually makes me chuckle.


Because a good piece of writing should be savored.

Beautiful writing can make you stop and sit with a word, a phrase, an entire paragraph. And when you sit with words, you appreciate the cadence of the sentences. You hear the story come to life. If you’re like me, you admire the grammar. In other words, you savor every word. I strive to have people not only connect with the content of what I write but also, even if it’s subconsciously, like the way I’ve written it.

Every word of your message is important. Every word should be savored. - what I like to tell clients

Because the motivation for my business is tied to a hashtag.

I shared my story about #sabereverymoment (you can read about it here), and the sentiment behind that hashtag is why I’m focusing on writing now. Since I got married, and especially since I had my children, I’ve really tried to stop every once in a while and appreciate what I have in that moment. It’s really difficult, so difficult, in fact, that I feel like whole weeks go by and all I’ve done is complain. There were a lot of contributing factors that went into my decision to take child-rearing leave from teaching this year - I’ll explain them all in a later post - but a big motivator for taking this risk is so that I have the opportunity to slow down, to spend more time with my family, and to spend less time consumed by work and stress.

While it’s impossible to savor every moment, just as it is to savor every word, I like the reminder that I am doing this to make time for myself, to create the version of myself I want to see, and to design a life I want to live.

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